The Greatest Guide To samsung telefoonhouder

From 1 July 2019 it is prohibited to hold or use your phone while cycling. Yes, you review that right, you can additionally be fined if you just hold your mobile phone in your hand. If you do have your phone in your hand, you can be fined no less than EUR95 (+ EUR9 administration costs). So it is recommended to maintain your phone in your pocket or location it in a phone holder when you hop on your bike. However how wonderful as well as safe are the mobile phone owners for your bicycle? Recently we extensively evaluated the Dresco Phone Holder for your bicycle on 3 points: User-friendliness, resonance and rate.


Our initial thought is that the silicone phone holder does not look very tough to place your costly phone in, yet nothing could be even more from the reality! This global phone owner functions very quickly. First of all, you can easily put the owner on your bike. The owner can be placed on different bars as well as is suitable for every single bike. When you have actually secured the holder correctly, location your phone in the owner by positioning the flexible around the bend of your phone. The flexible owner permits you to position numerous phones in the owner, such as the latest apple iphone, Huawei phones and also Samsung phones. The owner is really straightforward, simple and also can be set up by anybody. It is specifically developed for phones that are put in and also obtained more frequently. The only disadvantage is that the owner is not water-proof.


Because the holder does not look solid, we had our questions whether the phone remained strongly in the holder. It is naturally helpful when you have your navigating on, that you can likewise follow it. Yet we are very stunned about the strength of the holder. We have actually tested the owner on an electrical bicycle with a maximum speed of 25 km/h and also on various roads. As a result of the silicone product of the owner, it dampens shocks as well as resonances. Consequently, the phone shakes really little on different road surface areas, to make sure that you can continue to follow the navigation as well as your phone is really strongly in it.


What is not worthless is the rate. This phone owner is very friendly priced with an amount of EUR 9.99. A fine of EUR104 or a phone holder of EUR9.99? I believe I understand the response.


We are happily shocked by the Dresco phone owner. The phone owner is extremely easy to use. You set up the holder on your handlebars within a few seconds and it is samsung telefoonhouder ready for use. Placing your phone in the owner is really simple. You can quickly wrap the corners with which you affix the phone around your phone, to make sure that it continues to be securely in place. The edges are very easy to relocate to make sure that all secrets remain available. We have thoroughly checked the phone holder on various road surface areas as well as the phone rests extremely firmly in the owner. The phone vibrates just a little on a poor roadway surface, yet the navigation is still very easy to comply with. Regrettably, the phone holder is not waterproof, making it inappropriate for outdoor activities such as hill biking.

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